Now We Are Six (part one)

It’s time to blow out the candles on The Bike Show’s great big carbo-loaded birthday cake. 6 years old! To mark the occasion this week’s show features some of the more memorable moments from the first three years of experimental two wheeled art radio. Years four to six in due course.

In this mix you’ll hear from the following: Nicky Hamlyn, Sheldon Brown, Julia Lohman, Daniel Start, Navindh Baburam, Mark Ellen, Rosie Walford, Buffalo Bill, Patrick Field, Kieron Yates, Chris Bloor, Ruby Wright, Maisie Hitchcock, Chris Weaver, Richard Thomas, David Ferry, Fifi Fontanot, Michael Hutchinson, Johnny Green, Brendt Barbur, Dusty Limits, William Greswell, George Wright, Martin Newell Anna Shepherd, and a handful of other London cyclists whose names I don’t know.

Thanks to all who have contributed material for broadcast, taken part as guests on the show or submitted ideas. Special thanks to all the volunteer engineers at Resonance FM. If you enjoy the show, why not make a donation to Resonance FM, the volunteer-run radio station that is The Bike Show’s home.