Sound and Vision

Sound is good. But sometimes sound and vision is better. Here are a few audio slideshows (‘soundslides’). If you’ve an idea for a good subject, do get in touch.

Carradice of Nelson

Carradice have been making cotton cycle luggage since the 1930s and, thank heavens, they’re still at it. What’s more, business is good. David Chadwick, owner and MD showed me around the factory in the Lancashire cotton mill town of Nelson.

Paul Villiers

Paul Villiers is the only framebuilder to have been trained by the legendary Ron Cooper, who was for many years the principal builder at the London firm A.S. Gillott before embarking on his own career. Ron is all about classic lightweights and built frames for World Champions, Paul’s more of a touring man. I called in on his workshop on the Strand at Gillingham and found him brazing away.