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When The Bike Show first got its half-hour slot on Resonance FM in December 2004, I didn’t have a very clear idea of how long it would last or where it would go, content-wise. Most of the time I’ve just followed my own interests and tried to cover things that I thought weren’t getting covered elsewhere.

The show was first made available as a podcast in May 2005 and since then has built up a worldwide audience of listeners, from Finland to South Africa and from Taiwan to Brazil. With the podcast came an increase in communication from listeners who from time to time would drop me an email ( or post a comment on the website saying what they liked and what they didn’t like and some will suggest ideas for features or volunteer to produce a feature themselves. Any kind of feedback is incredibly valuable and the evolution of the show is increasingly driven by trying to do more of the type of stuff that listeners tell me they enjoy listening to.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what is going down well and what has crashed and burned. That’s why I’ve put together a very short Listener Survey as a way of finding out more about who’s listening and what they want to hear more of (and less of). Completing the survey will take you significantly less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea. So please do, in the knowledge that the results will feed in to the plans for the upcoming summer season. And if you have ideas for new features, or want to contribute material yourself, there’s a place to do that too.

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