The Bike Show crosses the North Atlantic

In an exciting development, the Bike Show has been syndicated by CKDU in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and will be broadcast in glorious FM across the icy waters of the North Atlantic.

Currently scheduled in the sought-after ‘graveyard’ slot of Tuesdays at 4.30am, sandwiched between ‘Radio Goethe’ and ‘The Lost Discs Radio Show’, the Bike Show is bound to find equal appeal among the late night toilers at Dalhousie University, the early morning go-getters of Halifax and the impressive population of wood turtles, muskrat, mink, and beaver native to the floodplains of the Musquodoboit River.

Explaining the thinking behind her inspired move, CKDU Program Manager, Melissa Buote, told the Bike Show, “We’re really happy to include your voice, ideas and creativity on our station. [It will] give our late night programming a diverse and different feel from the programming we offer from our live, local programmers.”

Chapeaux! (as they probably say in French-speaking Canada)