The Bike Show is back

After a long late summer and autumn break, The Bike Show returns to the airwaves on 19 November at 6.30pm. It’s good to be back. Read about the upcoming season after the jump.

This season promises many highlights including: the story of the Moulton bicycles, one of which continues to hold the land speed record for upright cycling; a long hard look at the burgeoning cult of fixed wheel riding in hipster culture; the history of bikes in war; the 2012 Olympics; riding a bike while pregnant; a flapjack bake off and competitive pump test; reports from Paris-Brest-Paris and and a new sound-art interpretation of Alfred Jarry’s essay The Crucifixion Considered As An Uphill Bicycle Race featuring Peter Blegvad.

19 November

The Bike Show returns for its winter season with tales of the Tour de France in London and the sounds of the premier of the Symphony for Singing Bicycles still ringing in the ears. Guest in the studio are Buffalo Bill reporting on this year’s Cycle Messenger World Championship in Dublin and Kieron Yates on taking part in the epic and grueling 1200 kilometer non-stop race from Paris to Brest and back.

26 November

A Christmas books special with guests George Theohari (author of the newly published Cyclist’s Companion), Guy Andrews (editor of Rouleur) and Graeme Fife (the UK’s leading cycle writer whose memoirs were published this year).

About The Bike Show

The Bike Show is a weekly radio show about cycling. It is broadcast in central London on radio art station Resonance 104.4fm. Through its podcast it reaches thousands of listeners all around the world. The show looks at the links between the bicycle and art, society and politics. According to listeners, the most popular bits of the Bike Show are the so-called ‘rolling interviews’, which are basically a bike ride combined with a live interview. Over the years, Bike Show presenter Jack Thurston has developed the unique blend of skills necessary to ride a bike, handle a microphone, not get lost, run over or fall into canal, all the while conducting an interview with his guest of the day. Among past rolling interviewees are Jeremy Deller (artist and folklorist), Rosie Walford (psychologist and author), Daniel Start (wilderness guru), Mark Ellen (music journalist), Patrick Field (writer and actor), Rose Ades (Ken Livingstone’s top adviser on cycling) and Julia Lohmann (artist and designer). On location the show has come from every part of London, but also further afield: Provence, Flanders, Brussels, Berlin, New York and Paris.

The Bike Show is broadcast on Resonance FM 104.4fm in central London and via internet streaming and podcast worldwide. It goes out on Monday evenings from 6.30pm-7pm and is repeated at the same time on Saturday evenings.

What people are saying about The Bike Show

‘Very on the ball unlike some of those personality-crisis tossers at the BBC’
-Johnny Green, author of ‘Push Yourself Just a Little Bit More: Backstage at Le Tour De France’ and former road manager of The Clash.

“A gem on the airwaves”
-Zoe Williams, The Guardian

“Moving Target likes the Bike Show. No, Moving Target loves The Bike Show.”
-Buffalo Bill,

“A very welcome addition to London’s bike culture that’s building a loyal following and, yes, doing its own quirky bit to get people on bikes”
-Southwark Cyclists

“Critics Choice”
– The Independent, 3 July 2006.

Jack Thurston, Presenter. 07973 155 278