Tweed Cycling Club featured in The Chap magazine

Tweed Cycling ClubBike Show presenter Jack Thurston is a founding member of the Tweed Cycling Club. Several members of the Club feature in a photo story in the summer edition of The Chap magazine, out on June 8th.

“For today’s cyclist, skin tight lycra may promise a reduction in wind resistance but also in decorum. A reflective yellow vest guarantees high visibility, but who would wish to be seen in such a gaudy garment? Certainly not the members of the Tweed Cycling Club. The Club’s wheelmen and ladymembers wish for a return to the honest virtues of lugged steel, dynamo lighting and canvas saddlebags. Natural fibres and traditional styling prevail. A stout pair of plus fours offer day-long comfort while a Fair Isle tank top takes the chill out of a frosty spring morning. Merino wool moves smoothly over a leather saddle. As the Club passes the village green, a jaunty cap is doffed. Performance is enhanced by warm beer and woodbines. Style not speed. Elegance not exertion.”

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