What Ho! Bicycle Polo hits London

The sport of polo originated some two thousand years ago on the plains of Persia and it is today the preserve of the Royal family, Saudi princes, trust fund layabouts and the international jet set.

Well-known London fixed-wheel playboy Rakan informs me that a bicycle version of the game is played regularly on Sundays on a vacant parking lot in east London. And this month the Bicycle Film Festival (London edition) is sponsoring a championship no less, to be held on 21st October 2007 at 11am (on the grounds at the corner of Brick Lane & Shacklewell Street in London’s ritzy E2). Teams comprise three riders and anyone looking to enter should have their manservant dispatch an email to polo@bicyclefilmfestival.com as soon as possible. It is rumored those two-wheeled toffs David Cameron and Boris Johnson are looking for a third player to complete their team…Bill?

Check out the champagne-quaffing bicycle aristocracy mid-chukka on the YouTube and the MySpace. Okay, yah?

Confession: Some fifteen years ago I played a vicious three-man game of bicycle polo in Kensington Gardens after too much cheap cider. Never seen so much blood.