17 December 2007: London Olympics 2012

Olympics 2012Does the coming of Olympics in 2012 spell disaster for cycle sport in London or will it bring much needed regeneration of a neglected part of the city? A ride with Patrick Field around the perimeter fence of the construction site in north east London and an interview with Michael Humphreys, chair of the Eastway Users Group, on the destruction of the popular Eastway road, mountain bike and cyclo-cross circuits, the interim facilities and plans for the legacy Velopark on the Olympics site.

The Bike Show will be off air until Monday 7th January 2008, when Resonance FM resumes its live broadcast schedule after the Christmas break. Chapeau and Bonne Route for 2008!

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6 thoughts on “17 December 2007: London Olympics 2012

  1. I was in London in Sept, visisting my friends at BRIXTON CYCLE (hello all of you)..and learnd of the destruction of the Eastway fat tire riding park… Unbelievably sad that there isn’t a more creative solution to eliminating the ONE place you can RIDE to, to RIDE.
    Paving it over etc, will assure that generations to come will have to use a car (like all sane people) to haul their bike to go for a ride. Isn’t that the only way you can show your status? What kind of car you haul your bicycle around on top of?

  2. Rik – all the files are hosted here:


    I can see that it’s a bit slow at the moment and probably a problem with archive.org. Overall, archive.org seems to be good but it is a free service so perhaps I should think about hosting the files myself, though I’m not sure what the bandwidth considerations would be of doing that.

    Update: I’ve transferred the file to The Bike Show’s own webspace to help with download speeds.

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