18 December 2006: Doorstep adventures with Patrick Field (Part one)

Riding with Patrick Field, legendary London cyclist, thinker and writer, on a leisurely route east from Hackney along the top of a giant Victorian sewerage outflow pipe towards the River Thames. We take in ancient trading routes, cross the River Lea and pass through land that will be home to the London Olympics in 2012. We discuss the ethos of cycling as travel and Patrick’s hopes for returning to an age of pre-industrial idleness… (part two follows next week).

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One thought on “18 December 2006: Doorstep adventures with Patrick Field (Part one)

  1. I really enjoyed the 2 part cycle and conversation with Patrick Field. I particularly like his views on how a cyclist should see himself in an urban setting.
    As a Canadian, I sometimes pat my back on being such a reasonable person but i was pleasantly blown away by the logic and the clear view Patrick has.
    Another thing that I thought was quite good was his view on ‘green’ transportation. I agree – we can’t just guilt everyone into going green – it has to be attractive. Although I’m not ready to give up my VW, I do try to ride to work on a fairly regular basis and I made a recent choice that is greener but also more exciting – buying a Vespa – a 4 cylinder 50cc model that is better for the environment but is also a lot more fun to ride.
    I have just discovered your show ini podcast version and really enjoy it. Can’t wait to get back to the UK and do some riding!

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