Across Africa by Bike (part two)

Pete Gostelow rode twenty thousand miles across Africa and passed through dozens of countries. In doing so he showed that the bicycle is the best way to travel. In this episode we continue our ride to Battersea Park and talk along the way about where he slept, what he ate, what his motivations were for making the journey and what it’s like to be back home after such a long trip. Pete also explains the inspiration he thinks ordinary cyclists can take from his long African adventure.

This is the first of a two-part feature. Listen to part one.

Photo: Pete Gostelow

3 thoughts on “Across Africa by Bike (part two)

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  2. Loved these 2 shows (well, love them all but just listened to these 2). Any chance you could provide a tracklist for the great music that features?

  3. What’s with the ridiculously long musical interludes? I wanted to listen to much more of Peter, with fewer of your interruptions, and far less music. A great opportunity, under-utilised. Nevertheless, a very good idea to interview him

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