Bicycle Revolutionary

Podcast a little late this week. In the meantime, enjoy this lovely London bicycle film.

  • Alice

    Please – please – wear a helmet!

  • Jack

    @Alice Whether or not to wear a helmet is a matter of personal choice for every cyclist and I think it is never a good idea to urge others to wear or not to wear a helmet.

    The prevailing view in London these days seems to be that in the kind of relaxed leisure riding depicted in this film, a helmet is very much optional. For racing or more high risk riding like mountain biking, a helmet seems wise.

    As the cyclists of Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen show, there’s really no need once there are enough cyclists on the roads.

  • Lee

    Alice, this website is no place for promoters of helmet compulsion to spread their propaganda. Go away please

  • ian…

    Isn’t it sad that the first thing anyone can think to say about this film is something negative!

    Cheers for posting it on here Jack – it’s beautifully shot & I really enjoyed the line,

    “In the same way that you end up daydreaming and you don’t notice the time, it happens on the bike as well…”

    How true is that? :>D

  • Mat


  • hiero2

    Lovely, simply lovely.