Burrows on the Bicycle (part two – laid back)

In the concluding half of an extended interview with engineer and bicycle inventor Mike Burrows, we talk about Mike’s biggest passion: laid back bicycles. He explains how these human powered vehicles came about and where he hopes they’re going. You can see the world’s fastest human powered vehicles racing at the world championships this June at the Fowlmead country park near Deal in Kent.

Plus bike blogger and endurance athlete Simon Nurse discusses the possibility of a cycling equivalent of the London Marathon. The closest we could find is the Vätternrundan in Sweden: 300km, 23,000 participants.

2 thoughts on “Burrows on the Bicycle (part two – laid back)

  1. I had the pleasure of working with Mike Burrows on a few events in the UK, and have raced and toured with him too. A genuine and decent guy.

    The Fietselfstedentocht in Friesland is another cycling event that you might be interested in. It’s 240 km long with 15000 participants. People line very much of the route, especially where you pass through villages and towns. I did it two years ago, riding a bike that Mike Burrows would approve of.

    Of course, running of marathons and this sort of cycling are a bit light-weight for you, there are other challenges. The ice-skating Elfstedentocht, takes almost the same route and has about the same number of participants. The 1963 edition was particularly difficult, with just 69 out of 10000 starters managing to get to the finish, due to rather harsh conditions and a temperature of -18 C. There’s quite a good film about it.

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