Christmas Books Special


Jack Thurston is joined by a galaxy of stars from the world of cycling literature to pick over the cream of this year’s crop of bike books. Nominating their cycling book of the year are Feargal McKay, Ned Boulting, Herbie Sykes, Daniel Friebe, Tom Southam, Richard Moore, Max Leonard and Emma O’Reilly. Guy Andrews, founding editor of Rouleur magazine, is on hand with his crystal ball to look at what cycling books we might expect in 2015 and years to come.

Image credit: Sharkey / Flickr – Creative Commons

3 thoughts on “Christmas Books Special

  1. With regards to the popularity of mountain-biking – have Fat Bikes caused much of a ripple in the UK? (Fat Bikes = Surly Pugsley or Salsa Mukluk or Specialized Fat Boy and their like)

  2. Thanks for this great selection of recommendations! BTW who is the stuffed shirt at around 12 minutes going on about how he owned “several E Types” (wat wat) He did not introduce himself.

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