High Tech and High Stakes in the Bicycle Boom

Hub gear manufacturer Sturmey Archer sits in the pantheon of iconic bicycle brands, most famous for its hugely popular three speed hub gears. Tony Hadland tells the intriguing story of the invention of the hub gear, a story of gifted young engineers, canny entrepreneurs in the high tech bicycle boom of the 1890s. Tony Hadland is the author of “Raleigh: Past and Presence of an Iconic Bicycle Brand” and “The Sturmey Archer Story”.

3 thoughts on “High Tech and High Stakes in the Bicycle Boom

  1. Hi Ive just found your podcasts and am really enjoying them keep up the great work Ive now go a lot of listening to do to catch up

  2. Dear Jack,

    Your interview with Tony Hadland was a wonderful listen. My first bicycle purchase as an adult was the Shimano Alfine 8-speed. Where the three speeds had such a large jump between gears, the eight speeds get me up the hills of New Hampshire with ease.
    Thank you for the broadcast, as always your enthusiasm for bicycling is contagious and always refreshing.
    Another listener and rider,

  3. Excellent show, one of your best. And the closing music is one of my favourite songs from my favourite band, A Lilac Harry Quinn by Half Man Half Biscuit.

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