If the bike fits…


Following on from last week’s show on well-being, we look at the importance of getting a good fit between rider and machine. Scherritt Knoesen of The Bike Whisperer, is a leading London-based bike fitter. We talk geometry, contact points and pedaling action. Read Grant Peterson’sPetersen’s article The Shoes Ruse on the folly of clip-in pedals and cycling-specific shoes. If you go for a fitting with Scherrit tell him you heard him on The Bike Show. You never know, you might get a discount!

Illustration from Cycling Manual, 23rd edition, 1954

5 thoughts on “If the bike fits…

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  2. So all those everyday cyclists from in amsterdam & copenhagen, with their ‘sit up and beg’ ‘Omafiets’ are completely wrong ? 🙂

    Sorry … but this program was far to biased towards fitting ‘enthusiasts’ to their bikes. What about the rest of the population ?

    I believe that to get more people into cycling we must drop this ‘convert everyone to touring and racing enthusiasts’ [like us].

    for more on this please see:
    http://issuu.com/mark77a/docs/dcm5_fourwheelsbadtwowheelsgood (about the development of the Trek Lime)

    http://issuu.com/mark77a/docs/notes_mas_taipei09 (about getting the ‘other 90+ % non cyclists to ride .. blue ocean vs. red ocean enthusiasts)

    and finally more of posture this: On the Ergoscue Postural techniques for cyclists ..
    (more for touring and racing ‘enthusiasts’ ).

    Great Show .. keep up the good work !


  3. @ Mark: I think most utility riders have no need to be fitted to their bikes. Just throw your leg over a sit-up-and-beg bike and ride away.

    For people who will be spending upwards of 2 or 3 hours on a bike at a time, who might be experiencing some discomfort as a result, bike fitting may be beneficial. So clearly fitting is something only really relevant for the racer/tourist rather than the potterer-about-town type of cyclist. Hence the focus of the show.

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