Is London Air Killing Us?

Some people say that air pollution in big cities like London is a public health emergency, contributing to 4,300 premature deaths a year. But nobody seems to talk about it. Is the Government doing anything to deal with it? Are cyclists at risk more than other people?

Is the Mayor of London more concerned about avoiding fines from Brussels than cleaning up the air we breathe? And why is Boris trying to glue air pollution to the roads? Jack and Jen discuss the issue with experts Simon Birkett of the Campaign for Clean Air in London and environmental lawyer Alan Andrews of Client Earth.

More data and information including some amazing maps of air pollution in London are available from the London Air Quality Network.

3 thoughts on “Is London Air Killing Us?

  1. air doesnt pollute – people pollute — TOO MANY people REALLY pollute –
    let’s start by getting rid of all the poncey brompton riders

    define poncey?
    a pompous tosser who thinks their value is higher than it is actually worth

    [from: urban dictionary]

  2. Caught up with this edition late – very interesting listening Jack n Jen.

    As well as taxi/light & heavy commercial/bus traffic running on diesel, don’t forget that the proportion of private diesel fuelled cars compared to petrol has increased substantially in the last 15 years or so.

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