Jumble Jumble


It’s the tenth day of Christmas and this week’s show is like a Christmas stocking with bulges in all the right places. Dr Steve Fabes is about to set off on a four and a half year cycle ride around the world, crossing six continents. He talks about his route, preparations and apprehensions. Any lover of vintage bicycles will be a regular visitor at their local cycle jumble, a fine tradition with a cast of strange but friendly characters. A good place to find out about upcoming cycle jumbles is the Campy Oldy website and there are some pictures from the recent Ripley jumble over here.

Paul Fournel continues his reading from Need for the Bike with a grisly tale of dogs, hospitals, Paris Roubaix and a Black and Decker drill. To buy Need for the Bike, click on the box on the left and Resonance FM will get a few pennies.

3 thoughts on “Jumble Jumble

  1. Hi Jack,
    Would it be possible to get a copy of all the audio recorded of Paul Fournel please so I could have it in just one continuous mp3 ? I’ve found his reading absolutely captivating and do not tire (or maybe tyre) of hearing him again.
    Can’t fault the shows, utterly superb every time.
    kindest regards,

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