Lance Armstrong: My Part in His Downfall


New York Times reporter Juliet Macur has covered the Lance Armstrong doping story for almost a decade. Her bestselling new book Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, reveals how he won a record seven Tour de France victories and how the truth about his team’s doping finally came out. We discuss whether cycling is cleaning up its act and the risks of sports journalists becoming over-invested in the success of the stars they report on.

One thought on “Lance Armstrong: My Part in His Downfall

  1. Hiya Jack,
    Coming a little late to this, but, much closer to home, how did you manage to overlook Paul Kimmage and Emma O’Reilly in this story. Decades before Jonathon Vader, they took really courageous stands, wrote books that were ignored, and really paid, with jobs, lawsuits, the whole shebang. To complete the Irish angle, you could look at Pat McQuaid and the grassroots campaign against his reelection as UCI president. There should be a whole show in their somewhere – Lance and the Irish!

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