Le Tour Redux

Joining me in the studio is Graeme Fife, author of the definitive account of Le Tour de France, updated each year. He’s also author of the beautiful Rapha Guide to the Great Road Climbs of the Pyrenees.

graeme_fifeWe discuss this year’s Tour de France, the most spectacular for some time, featuring the drama over the return from retirement of seven-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong, seeking to try his luck against a new generation of outstanding riders including two plucky Brits: Mark Cavendish and Brad Wiggins. Our discussion is leavened with some insighful comments from a handful of Bike Show listeners.

Thanks go to Dave at road.cc, Pete, David of the marvellous Highway Cycling Group, Jason and Adrian.

Photo:BERNARD PAPON/AFP/Getty Images

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2 thoughts on “Le Tour Redux

  1. Just listened to the podcast of this week’s show and really enjoyed it. Your comment on Richard Williams misunderstandings of the stage on Mont Ventoux were spot on, except that I’m unconvinced that he was actually in France at great expense as you said. From his reports it seemed as if he could have been watching the TV highlights, though with the sound turned down, thus missing Liggett/Sherwen’s real insights.

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