Lorries kill twice in one day on London streets

The SE1 community website reports on the killing of a cyclist in Bermondsey, on Tanner Street, this lunchtime. Earlier in the day, a lorry killed a pedestrian in Brixton, on Acre Lane.

Two awful collisions between very large and heavy vehicles and the most vulnerable road users. Almost certainly, both deaths were avoidable. When will someone in a position of power take a stand on this issue???

There has been some uncertainty regarding whether the person killed at Brixton was a cyclist or a pedestrian. At this moment, it is neither here nor there, someone has been killed and that’s really, really bad news. I called the London Ambulance Service press office and the following statement was made to me:

The London Ambulance Service was called at 9.30 am today to reports of a road traffic collision involving a pedestrian & lorry, on Acre Lane. The LAS sent one motorcycle responder, two ambulance crews, a helicopter air ambulance and a duty station officer. Sadly, one patient was pronounced dead by the doctor at the scene.

Update (Wednesday 23rd)

Ross Lydall of the Evening Standard has tweeted that the Metropolitan Police press bureau has confirmed to him that the man killed in Acre Lane, Brixton, was a cyclist, not a pedestrian as I had been informed by the London Ambulance Service press office. The terrible events are reported in the Evening Standard by Rob Parsons.

Update (Thursday 24th)

The Evening Standard has subsequently amended Rob Parsons’s article, reporting that the fatality on Acre Lane was in fact a pedestrian, as originally stated to me by the London Ambulance Service.

2 thoughts on “Lorries kill twice in one day on London streets

  1. This is terrible news. So sorry to hear about the deaths of cyclists. I am a Chicago personal injury lawyer and we recently had the issue of “dooring” in certain Chicago locations. People were opening their doors to get out of parking spaces and not looking for cyclists and hitting them with the doors of their cars. I will say that the city of Chicago has begun addressing the issue to make our roadways safer for cyclists. I hope things get better where you are soon.

  2. As a cyclist being next to a lorry is the most intense part of cycling. They’re so high up it’s impossible to see a cyclist that is level with the passenger door.

    To avoid this in the long term cyclists and pedestrians have to get a path that’s seperated from the road by something more than a 10cm curb. Follow what Holland has done and have grass and trees seperating the cycle path and the road.

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