Rolling with Klaus


Klaus Bondam, Director of the Danish Cyclists Federation and former deputy mayor in charge of cycling in Copenhagen rides with ‘Buffalo’ Bill Chidley to the Hackney Cycling Conference. En route they try to find out how London’s roads compare with cycling cities like Copenhagen. Then Bill joins Kieron Yates and Jack Thurston to discuss what happened at the conference, and where things are with the Mayor of London’s much heralded cycling revolution.

2 thoughts on “Rolling with Klaus

  1. I find it unbelievable the amount of negative feedback and agressivity those two came across in the short duration of the interview : lorry driver, car driver, bus, and even a pedestrian ! London is the cyclist’s nightmare, it seems, and the courtesy of British People seems to have faded away, what a shame.

  2. Copenhagen really have done a lot for cyclists! Btw, is a new cycling blog based near Copenhagen! They just launched, but I believe it is going to be good!

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