Severn Serenade

Jack rides with singer-songwriter and cycle-tourist Jet McDonald (pictured, above), setting out from Bristol on a summer evening, riding along the banks of the River Avon, through the industrial landscape of Avonmouth to the banks of the River Severn and beyond. Along the way they talk about Jet’s ride from Bristol to India, a journey that inspired an album, Soft Soft Soft the Sparrow Sings.

One thought on “Severn Serenade

  1. Thanks for a lovely episode. I’m a postman in west London and listen to the podcasts on my round. I moved here from Norfolk five years ago and although I enjoy living here I really miss cycling in the countryside. Listening to your rides makes me feel sad and happy at the same time but I always feel refreshed inside by the end. By the way, Jet McDonalds music was very smile inducing 🙂

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