Tony Pizzo: New York to Los Angeles & return

This is the first in a series that I’m grandly calling The Cycle Touring Hall of Fame. Here’s Tony Pizzo in the spring of 1920. He’s a sailor and on his way through Washington DC on a Coast-to-Coast bicycle tour: handcuffed to his machine. The handcuffs were sealed by Mayor Hylan in New York April 24th and are not to be opened until his return to that city.

I don’t approve of sponsored bike rides, but if someone were to reenact Pizzo’s journey I’d be very tempted make an exception to encourage such a crazy endeavour.

Source: Library of Congress

8 thoughts on “Tony Pizzo: New York to Los Angeles & return

  1. I have contemplated such an endeavor. That man up there is my great grandfather! Our family has talked about this my whole life. I must say that I am feeling the challenge. What an amazing man. He was facing discharge from the Navy due to Tuberculosis. Instead he came up with this idea and was able to stay working for his family “recruiting” so to speak.

    • I would love to acquire more specific info about Tony Pizzo’s life. I am historian for the factory that made the first bike he rode in 1919(Crown)

      • I’m the the nephew of tony pizzo. As a child we were told about our uncle.I also had the privlege of being with him at my folks home. He was my mothers brother.He told us of his rides for their were not my roads back then. One of his experiance when he road all night and ended up where started from. John Speropulos

    • Terry I read about Tony Pizzo that you put about his life. I’m his nephew. He is my mothers brother.You probably heard of aunt rose Speropulos. I know a little about you, but it has been a long tine ago.
      John Speropulos If sometime you would like talk call us at 608-825-3290

      • John! I lost your phone number! I would love to talk to you. I will call soon.

        Love, Annette (Elmer’s daughter and Tony’s granddaughter)

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