11 June 2007: ‘Slow Bicycling’ in Italy; on two wheels in Provence

Cezanne’s Sainte VictoireThe Bike Show this week has a distinctly Mediterranean and gastronomic feel. Kieron Yates reports from northern Italy, the world capital of the Slow Food movement, on a ‘slow bicycle’ ride along the length of the River Po (for more on ABICI bikes, look here) Meanwhile, Jack Thurston is joined by William Greswell in the sunny south of France, relaxing in Aix-en-Provence while considering an imminent attempt at the fearful Mont Ventoux. Plus new statistics on the dangers to cyclists from bendy buses and a heads up for Rolling to the Stones, a night rider to Stonehenge on the night of the Summer Solstice, 20-21 June.

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6 thoughts on “11 June 2007: ‘Slow Bicycling’ in Italy; on two wheels in Provence

  1. With regards to travelling to France with a bike. It is not compulsory to send your bike ahead on Eurostar. You can take your bike in a bike bag with you on the train, there is a storage space (i coach 9 if I remember right) which is locked throughout the entire journey. There is no need to book ahead for this.

  2. Dear Overrising,

    Thanks for that tip. When did you last make a Eurostar journey with a bike like that? Our experience (and I’ve done it several times before like that) was based on the advice on the Eurostar website .

    I think they’ll allow folding bikes to travel with passengers but I was told that the limiting factor was what could fit through the X-Ray security machines for passengers. And a bike bag for a standard non-folding bicycle certainly wouldn’t.

    I’d be delighted to be proven wrong on this!

  3. Hi Jack,

    Well, it was 2003. I also had many problems finding a definitive answer to ‘Can I take my bike on Eurostar’. I even went to Waterloo to ask and they had no idea. Finally I called up and spoke to the people at Eurostar, the limiting faactor is what you can fit through the X-Ray machine. I had a full size bike bag and they scanned it by opening up the bag and using the wand, and by opening up the bike bag. There were lots of people taking bikes on board, in bags and boxes. Again, I think it was coach 9. Nobody told me about this space, I was tryng to put my bike in the carriage end when a helpful guard came along and showed me the place to put my bike bag.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Overrising,
    Thanks for that but I think things may have changed since 2003… Can anyone give us a definitive answer on the current policy?

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