12 March 2007: The word from San Francisco and a singing bicycle prototype

Singing bicycleWe test out Andy Cox’s prototype singing bicycle, for use in the performance of Godfried Willem Raes’s Second Symphony. Down the line from San Francisco, Jon Winston fills us in on Bay Area cycle culture and his own Bikescape bicycling podcast.

This is the last in the current season of the Bike Show. Thanks to everyone who made it happen, and to everyone who’s tuned in. We’ll be back in the early summer.

Update (November 2007): The Symphony was performed in July 2007. You can hear a recording in this show.

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Ogg Vorbis Download

3 thoughts on “12 March 2007: The word from San Francisco and a singing bicycle prototype

  1. Hi Jack,

    just wanted to let you know that as a newbie cyclist, lost among the pick up trucks and SUV’s here in Mississippi I LOVE the bike show for cycling inspiration, knowlege and loads of laughs + entertainment.

    Espeacially the varied range of music you play is a major reason I’ve gone through almost 80 % of the the archived show and can’t wait for the new season. As a Jamaican living far away from home I really appreaciate all the reggae you play on the show.

    London’s such a huge immigrant community, ever thought about a Bike Show on cycling in amongst the sities subcultures? their bike preferences, perceptions on cycling in the city?

    Nuff respek Jack!!!

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