17 April 2006: Cycling in New York City (part two)

As he crosses the Hudson River into Brooklyn, things take a turn for the weird on Jack Thurston’s bicycle adventure in New York City. A visit to the drummers’ circle in Prospect Park, a one man bicycle soul machine and sociological analysis of ‘hipsters’ in Williamsburg.

Ogg Vorbis

5 thoughts on “17 April 2006: Cycling in New York City (part two)

  1. Enjoyed the New York ones, very interesting listened on computer, and look’d up streets you mentioned on google earth.

    Great, keep it up !

  2. Jack, great series from NY. Your podcasts are my fave. Can’t wait for the next series.

    Flashman – Preston, UK

  3. Go off on your hols but hear this: the two parter on New York was excellent. The best my ears can ever get from you, Jack, is when you are out and about — like at the Messenger Bikers Dance –AND this New York two parter. Very evocative as a sound tour. Showed real skill and a real relationship with the environment such that is was an easy visual in an audial sense.

    (Your very worst show was top bike songs…so as you know, in case anyone asks.)

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