18 February 2008: Hanging with the Trixie Chix

Trixie ChixJack Thurston is away and in his place Amy Cooper presents a show devoted to the swashbuckling Trixie Chix, London’s female fixed wheel freestylers. Will Amy and her sit-up-and-beg town bike cut the mustard with the trackstanding, bike polo playing, long skidding, backwards circling Trixies? Find out…

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10 thoughts on “18 February 2008: Hanging with the Trixie Chix

  1. That was a really good show.
    I think anyone attempting to do anything other than just keeping upright on a bike deserves a round of applause.
    I can track stand on my fixed, but polo ? I’d be the first one to stick the mallet through my spokes.

  2. Amy. Loved your show. nothing against Jack, but you can sub any time if it were up to me!
    I’m here in the states, on the west coast too. about as far away as posable, but listening to the bit on fixies, made me want to pack my track bike and come out there to ride and have some fun!
    well, so long for now. Heel quickly 🙂

    P.S. Amy. Once you get comfortable, you got to try wheelies on a fixed gear, they’re so rad!

  3. Thanks for creating a terrific, informative, and enjoyable show. Even though I’ve never touched a fixed gear/wheel bike before, I thoroughly enjoyed your show all about the fun things happening at the trixie chix meet ups!

  4. bring back jack!

    Nice to hear a different (and female!) voice but would appreciate a more authoritative tone. I’d like guests to be a bit more than amateur because otherwise it all becomes a bit slapdash. I really don’t want to sound totally dismissive though, because obviously the more bike shows done, the more expert a presenter will get, but I’m after insight and experience from the start, otherwise why listen?

  5. Enjoyed the show.
    Jack’s a tough act to follow so I sympathise with anyone filling in for him.
    As it’s a volunteer driven radio station it’s pretty likely the sub is going to sound amateurish in comparison.

    Anyway- if the choice was Amy or one less show in the season I’d know which option I’d choose.

    Good luck Jack, Amy, Kieran.
    Long live the bikeshow

  6. Nice show – wish i was a girl so i could come down and play bike polo but my girlfriend says she is a girl and would like to come – and i know some other people who are girls! So where can they go exactly to play bike polo with the trixy chix and what time?
    nice presenting on the show and nice choice of music! Lucky fella waiting to meet you at the end! he he

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