27 November 2006: Berlin special

A special edition from the German capital city and well-known haven for cyclists. Riding with Berlin blogger Maisie Hitchcock, we discuss the changing face of Berlin, the legacy of the Cold War and the achingly hip Berlin music scene, all the while finding out what a great place this is to ride a bike.

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20 November 2006: Experimental music and the bicycle

It’s cold outside, so stay at home and turn your bicycle into a musical instrument! Featuring performances by Stephen Schweitzer’s
(pictured left), electro-acoustic composer David Berezan and the Tea and Toast Band.

And we set a new challenge for London’s musical cyclists in 2007, the year that the Tour de France comes to our city… A performance of Godfried-Willem Raes’s Second Symphony for ‘Singing Bicycles’.

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13 November 2006: On a Bickerton in China, the Sideways Bike and cycling with disabilities

This week’s studio guest is none other than David Thurston, my very own dad. A London cyclist since the 1970s when he lost his driving license, he explored China in the early 1980s on a Bickerton folder and is now discovering that with Parkinson’s Disease, cycling is more fun than walking.

Also featuring an interview with Irish nutty professor Michael Killian, inventor of the revolutionary Sideways Bike (pictured) with independent front and rear steering, news of Sheldon Brown’s struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and an report by Alex Murray on a high end off-road wheelchair.

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Problems over the last few weeks…

Just a quick post to say that contrary to rumours, the Bike Show is not going fortnightly. The observant among you will have noticed that recent service has been interrupted, and this due to:

1. A near-catastrophic flood at the Resonance fm studio which pulled
everthing off the air for a few days (hence no new show on 16 October)

2. Me being stuck on a train coming back from north Wales last week,
and thereby missing the show.

I hope you’ll agree that these events are both very much in keeping
with the overall ambiance of the Bike Show, but I’ll do my best to
ensure they’re not repeated (as some of old shows have had to be to fill the gaps!)


6 November 2006: Edinburgh by train, low carbon travel

It makes perfect sense to travel to Ediburgh with a bicycle overnight on the sleeper train. Once there, I find out what it’s like on two wheels in Scotland’s capital city – watch those cobblestones! Also chatting with Ed Gillespie, who’s about to embark on a round-the-world odyssey of slow travel / low carbon travel: by train, camel and container ship.