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From London to Parris…

To: Matthew Parris, The Times, 1 Pennington Street, London E98 1XY Dear Matthew Parris, I am writing in response to your article “What’s smug and deserves to be decapitated?” (The Times, 27 December 2007). Whatever it is you’ve got against people who ride bicycles, to suggest that they deserve decapitation with piano wire is to […]

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17 December 2007: London Olympics 2012

Does the coming of Olympics in 2012 spell disaster for cycle sport in London or will it bring much needed regeneration of a neglected part of the city? A ride with Patrick Field around the perimeter fence of the construction site in north east London and an interview with Michael Humphreys, chair of the Eastway […]

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10 December 2007: How to Win at Roller-Racing

Reigning Rollapaluza champion and two-time ‘Raphapaluza’ winner Simon Jackson gives his tips on how to win at the frenzied sport of static bike racing. Plus a preview of the upcoming ITV comedy-drama series Bike Squad (aka “The Bill on bikes”) with Robert Collins of the Daily Telegraph. Get down to the Bicycology film night on […]

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Vote Now: £50 million for cycle paths

The vulgar spectacle and regressive tax on the poor and the hopeless that is the UK’s National Lottery, is giving away £50 million of its ill-gotten loot to one of four ‘worthy causes’, to be decided by a popular vote in which everyone in the UK can take part. The poll closes on 10 December. […]

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3 December 2007: Fixed Fever

Over the past five years a craze for riding bicycles with only one gear and no freewheel has taken off, in New York, London, Sydney and cities all around the world. We take a long hard look at the merits and excesses of the scene. Featuring an extended interview with the mystery man behind the […]

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