26 November 2007: Christmas books special

A Christmas books special with guests George Theohari (author of the newly published Cyclist’s Companion), Guy Andrews (editor of Rouleur) and Graeme Fife (among the UK’s leading cycle writer whose memoirs were published this year). Includes readings from Tim Krabbé’s The Rider, Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men On The Bummel, Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman and Graeme Fife’s play Jam. Plus we give away a copy of the latest edition of Graeme Fife’s Tour De France: the history, the legend, the riders and a copy of the beautiful Rouleur Annual 2007. Competitions are now closed, with the winners Derek in Peterborough (Merckx won the world champs four times: three as a pro and once as an amateur) and Nouman in East London (Bertrand Russell collided with George Bernard Shaw). Well done to both.

Everyone is guessing wrong for the Rouleur Annual quiz question, so there’s a clue after the jump.

Eddy Merckx wine

Read Guy Andrews’s top cycling books Christmas list:

Rouleur Photo Annual 2007 (goes without saying…)
The Tour de France – The History, The Legend, The Riders – Graeme Fife (just re-issued and updated – a great read)
Flying Scotsman – Graeme Obree (Amazing story, better to read the first hand account, before watching the film)
Fall from Grace – Freddy Maertens (Has to be read to be believed, a quirky account from an enigmatic rider, albeit with a slightly iffy translation)
The Rider – Tim Krabbé (a classic, no, the classic)
The Vanishing – Tim Krabbé (not a great deal on cycling, but another classic from the Dutch master)
The Escape Artist – Matt Seaton (motivates and inspires)
In Search of Robert Millar – Richard Moore (perhaps the finest work this year, a superb commentary on the life of the Scottish Grimpeur)
Paris-Roubaix – a Journey Through Hell (excellent pictures from the world’s greatest one day race)
Need for the Bike – Paul Fournel (short stories and comments from the French essayist and keen cyclist)

And look out for these in 2008:

Six Day – Graeme Fife and Camille J McMillan (to be published by Rapha/Rouleur)
Need for the Bike – Paul Fournell (to be given the Rouleur treatment in 2008 as we re-publish with Jo Burt’s illustrations)
Rouleur Photo Annual 2008

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5 thoughts on “26 November 2007: Christmas books special

  1. I would really, really like a cyclist’s companion but it is no friend of mine in hardback – can I expect a paperback any day soon? xx

  2. iTunes has the prev broadcast repeated for the 26th November broadcast – I listen in Canberra Australia – happy to hear you on air again, but not again (if you know what I mean!)

  3. Hi Toby
    That’s a strange one. It shows up correctly in my iTunes, and it’s there in the source XML file. I’m a bit lost for a solution to your problem. I guess you could always just download from the site this week. Let me know if the problem persists.

  4. Hi Amy

    As far as I know, there are no plans by the publisher to release the companion in paperback. If you don’t mind me asking, why do you not want it in hardback? It’s a very compact format, almost pocketable, and quite nice in its plush pink binding.

    (the author)

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