30 June 2008: London Lidos by Bicycle

A tour of London lidos by bicycle with Jason Cobb, a lido enthusiast, cyclist, photographer and author of Onion Bag Blog, a blog devoted to life in the Stockwell-Oval-Brixton triangle. Taking in Brockwell Lido, the ghost of Kennington Lido, the Serpentine Lido, the refurbished London Fields Lido and an unexpected audience with Brixton’s wheelbuilding legend Sam The Wheels.

We discover why cycling and outdoor swimming are a good mix.

Jason’s London links:

Diamond Geezer (blog)
Londonist (blog)
Last Bus Home (blog)
The Way We See It (photo blog)

Play on links below. Other file formats (e.g. Ogg Vorbis) over here.

8 thoughts on “30 June 2008: London Lidos by Bicycle

  1. funniest thing in this episode was jason expressing his aversion to natural lakes and all it’s grime and fauna. no offence, i just found it hilarious in a larry david/jerry seinfeld kind of way…

    oh and the music, i really liked the one about doing the fish or the swim, and the folksy one about water. i’ve tried to google the lyrics without any luck. it would be great if there was a list of songs played here on the website… seeing as there’s often one or two in each episode i’d like to hear again.

    ps. i think you might find some nice cycling music on Air France’s new album ‘No way down’.

  2. David,

    Those tracks would be

    “Do the swim” by Bobby Freeman and “The Water Song” by the Incredible String Band.


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