A Green Mayor? On the Campaign Trail with Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones is a member of the London Assembly and is standing as the Green Party’s candidate in the 2012 London Mayoral elections. We ride from her home in Walworth/Peckham borders to City Hall and discuss cycling, liveable cities and the future of the Green Party.

3 thoughts on “A Green Mayor? On the Campaign Trail with Jenny Jones

  1. As always, a very enjoyable way of hearing someones views. I know half an hour is not long, and I’m possibly a bike geek, but would love to hear what bike the interviewee is riding, what cycling they usually do, where they go for repairs, parts etc. Would only take 30 seconds and still give them plenty of time to offer us the benefit of their views on life in general

  2. An enjoyable interview Jack, its good to hear politicians being given time to explain their ideas. Too often they are reduced to sound bites.

    My only crib with what Jenny Jones said was that since Advanced Stop Lines are not enforced by the police, what hope do we hold out for the same police to enforce any new or existing cycling infrastructure?

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