Charging up my iPod for a summer cycle tour

Last summer I spent three weeks cycle touring in France, following my own version of the Raid Pyreneean and continuing along the Mediterranean coast and up to the centre of France. This year I’m heading to North America for a ride from Montreal to New York, stopping for the wedding of two dear friends in Ludlow, Vermont.

Solo cycle touring is fun but for me, there’s a time, usually at the end of the day’s riding when you’ve pitched camp and are just enjoying the last rays of sunshine, taking care of any little chores and thinking about getting some supper organised, where it can sometimes feel a bit odd being alone. Last year during those hours of the day I averted the lonesome feeling by listening to spoken word radio on the iPod. It was a mixed bag but primarily BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time, This American Life and RadioLab (both from US public radio networks).

This summer I want to freshen up the mix and am going to add in some Philosophy Bites and some Speechification. What else should I be downloading in the two days before I fly? Please add your top picks in the comments…

And please, while flattery will get you anywhere, don’t suggest The Bike Show. That way lies insanity.

7 thoughts on “Charging up my iPod for a summer cycle tour

  1. @julesj – Adam & Joe is already a must listen, but I tend to get those the week they’re out, while the philosophy and history ones pile up unlistened in the iPod, waiting for a trip like this!!

  2. How’s this for more philosophy – but in bite-sized pieces… From the famous and not so

    Thousands of written essays, a few hundred with audio, but mercifully only about a dozen sent when you subscribe with iTunes.

  3. You may do already but I would suggest ‘From Our Own Correspondent’, Radio 4 available as a down load or podcast etc. The sort of thing the BBC does well. Might seem a bit like a busman’s holiday for yourself, but always makes me mile and occasionlly a shudder.

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