Down at the London Bike Show

Made in London: Lovely cycling mackintosh from Water Offa Duck's Back

Jack goes down to the London Bike Show, an annual fair of bicycles and cycling paraphernalia. He eschews the latest electronic gear systems in search of novel products made by interesting people.

The following products are featured on the show:

Georgia in Dublin: Stylish and waterproof clothing for women and men.

Respro: High viz gear for cyclists including the ubiquitous hump and the evergreen elasticated ankle bands.

Bill’s Bike Tools: Makers of the Pedal Aid, an ingenious tool for assisting the removal of difficult bike pedals.

Hornit: The world’s loudest bicycle horn at 140 decibels.

Water Offa Duck’s Back: Classically styled cycling macs with ingenious reflective properties.

5 thoughts on “Down at the London Bike Show

  1. Hello Jon, It’s Antonia from Water off a Duck’s Back here. I would love to import them to the US – for small amounts of stock to individual stores the import tax and freight costs sadly make it prohibitive. I am curently looking for distributors in the US, Europe and Australia. On the plus side though you can buy all my products online ( and I can ship to anywhere in the world.


  2. Fair point about the Hornet starting a decibel arms race, and it does seem to be resorting to the same bullying tactics of other road users and sending out that message to pedestrians. OK it has a ‘quiet’ mode, but it still screams “GET OUT MY ****ING WAY” to me, but that’s ok as it’s a safety feature!

    I had a airzound horn for a while (for imagined safety reasons, and because I liked the way it was powered by compressed air from a bike pump) I ended up giving it away though as it seemed rather OTT and frankly I realised how rude it could appear. Not that I remember ever using it after the first month anyway. Have thankfully avoided the scenario I feared where it would have been most legitimately put into service.

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