16 March 2009: End of season finale – a bike pop epic

grave-architectsIn the last of the current season we drop in on a police bicycle auction to pick up a bargain. Plus a bike pop epic from the Grave Architects (pictured above) and we hear from Jo Upton, presenter of Bike Love, a bicycling radio show in Sydney, Australia.

Play on links below. Other file formats (e.g. Ogg Vorbis), over here.

  • nilling

    Jack, show as always. Cannot believe this is the last show of the current series – hurry back. Loved that track by the Grave Architects made me grin like an idiot – cheers :)

  • http://shorl.com/grofyradofrana Marcus

    Wow that is nice and I am so looking forward on meeting the guys in person. But too bad it was their finale. I wish they’d have another round this year, fingers crossed.