Podcast Special: The Gospel According to St Grant

Grant Petersen thinks most cyclists need to ‘unrace themselves’, that is to say, stop following what professional racing cyclists do. Instead we should all ride more comfortable bikes in more comfortable clothes and be more relaxed about the whole experience. He’s written a book called Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike and, in an extended interview, he tells Jack Thurston exactly what he means.

Grant Petersen is a highly regarded bicycle designer, formerly of Bridgestone USA and founder and owner of Rivendell Bicycle Works in northern California.

6 thoughts on “Podcast Special: The Gospel According to St Grant

  1. Touring not cool? Have you had a look at pannier.cc?

    I agree with a lot of what you and Grant Petersen say, but I think it’s ok to have a foot in several camps. I enjoy riding my carbon road bike at weekends but I wouldn’t dream of commuting on it or wearing lycra whilst I do so.

  2. Really interesting podcast. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a flurry of polarised opinions on this subject or perhaps like myself and the previous comment many people know there is a value in mix and match.

    Suffering and obedience may be at the core of road racing but I don’t really aspire to sainthood on my daily commute. I personally try to buy clothing for my commute that doesn’t shout cyclist, although in weather such as this (cold, dark and misty) I have to bite the bullet and go hi-viz and helmet stylee for the short distance I travel on main roads (6 miles there and back). At weekends I’ll just wear comfortable ordinary togs for a pootle to the shops but maybe I’ll don a sportwool top and leggings for a longer club style run with friends. I totally agree with Grant when he makes the school sports analogy.although I was the kid who was really good at Badminton but hated football and to this day I refuse to don team strips, even one as cool looking as Eddie Merckx “sausage jersey” lol!

    Great podcast though, ordering Grants book today.

  3. This is such a good show.

    I recenlty had a few days cycling to Koblenz, which was great. I am really convinced that Campers are ideal shoes for cycling. The “bobbled” sole (see picture) really grips the pedal just enough, and when you arrive you look great. Because Campers are still great.

    A better man than me, The Ultralight Cycling Tourist, prefers Crocs. Yes I did say Crocs. http://iikinafrica.blogspot.com/2010/06/crocs.html


  4. As a lucky Rivendellite (only achieved by having spent a couple of years NOT living in London!), I’m very biased, but Grant’s book, and now hearing what he has to say in answer to diret questions, I feel vindicated, justified, in my grouchery over all these years.Thanks Jack, for taking the trouble to do this, and for having the idea. I have this saved, and have listened twice, in the workshop, while twining and shellacking!

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