Wanted: Bicycle Mechanics

This week’s show looks at the chronic lack of bicycle mechanics with the Ninon Asuni of Bicycle Workshop. Ninon founded Bicycle Workshop nearly thirty years ago after deciding she’d had enough of working as a librarian. She’s now among Britain’s most highly regarded bicycle mechanics with a devoted following in London and the rest of the country. Sean Lally and Ian Perkins of Cycle Systems Academy talk about their mission to train a new generation of cycle mechanics and to reinvent the profession.

Plus more from Paul Fournel’s Need for the Bike. This week he talks about landscape and the bicyclist. If you buy the book online from Amazon using the link (left) Resonance gets some of the money. If you’d rather buy it from a shop, then choose the excellent Calder Bookshop in Waterloo. Music from The Vines, Half Man Half Biscuit and Harmonia.

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15 thoughts on “Wanted: Bicycle Mechanics

  1. A very interesting show again, but one crib, no one mentioned earning power.
    How much can a trained bike mechanic expect to earn after say, three years?
    Is the bike industry like hair dressing where you need to own the business to do well financially?
    There is a lot more to life than money but it does pay the bills.
    If anyone in East London wants to learn how to maintain their own bike I can highly recommend the evening course run by Redbridge LCC:
    It is run thru’ out the year and a snip at £40.

  2. Good point, Bill G. You’re right I should have asked directly about that.

    Maybe Sean or someone with knowledge in this area can weigh in with some ranges for bicycle mechanic pay scales?

  3. Pay for cycle mechanics goes from £40 per day at the bottom end through to the Sky team mechanic at £52K per anum.

    A head mechanic can expect to earn £20-£25K per anum. Yes, having your own business is the main way to go above this.

    I qualified with a City and Guilds VSQ level 2 in Cycle Maintenance and repair whenI went into the trade. This allowed me to go into jobs at bike shops at a higher rate than staff who had been in the trade for some time, but who were not qualified. My starting salary at a leading bike shop was £20K.

  4. Great show.

    Wages for mechanics remain low. Ninon’s point about people not staying long is a key point and is very much related to low wages and the mindset that being a mechanic and working in a bike shop is really just a stop-gap before “getting a real job” or going to college / uni.

    Cytech is the cycle industry’s recognised training and accreditation scheme with over 500 shops accredited nationwide. Cytech courses are now also available to members of the public.

  5. can’t argue with cytech’s credentials, but if you see the raft of industry sponsors on our site, from Campagnolo to Hope to Specialized and many more, you’ll see the industry very much recognises our training also.

  6. @matt: the LBMA was the most recent attempt to ‘organise’ bike messengers/couriers in London (since defunct, read more here). Buffalo Bill, a former LBMA chair, talked about it on the show a few years back.

    Listen again here: http://thebikeshow.net/23-may-show-giro-ditalia/
    (from about 8 minutes in)

    But it’s a difficult profession to organise into anything resembling. “Herding cats” as Bill put it in the interview.

  7. Here in the West Country there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of bike mechanics

    There is a good shop place in Exeter and a good place in Taunton

    Plus there are plenty of other one man bands who live on their reputation.

    Mind you I live far enough away from them that I do most of my bike fixing myself. The last time I used the shop in Taunton was to replace a rusted out headset

  8. Very interesting show again. I work at the bike shop myself, and we have same problem here in Finland. Not enough skilled bike mechanics. And wages are low here also.

  9. celia and i also offer bicycle mechanics training, either bespoke one-to-one or in a one day workshop covering basic maintenance, perhaps a good way to start if interested and want to learn some basics (before an accredited course). our one day course is £60 and will be running each month in 2010. therese

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