A Midsummer Misadventure with Dixe Wills (and a podcast bonus)

Wild camping sunrise

On a Midsummer’s Night Dixe Wills, travel writer and author of a new book on Britain’s tiny campsites, guides us on a ride from central London up the Lea Valley to a wild camping spot for a ‘sub twenty four hour overnight’. Various pitfalls ensure that little goes to plan.

The new Bike Show jersey is unveiled and – in a podcast only bonus – Andrew Neather of the Evening Standard explains why the newspaper came out for London’s cyclists.

3 thoughts on “A Midsummer Misadventure with Dixe Wills (and a podcast bonus)

  1. Jack
    I have enjoyed your podcasts for a couple years now, and am slowly and enjoyably working my way back through all your earlier shows.
    I have to congratulate you on the production quality of ‘A Midsummer Misadventure’. The narrative theme, the dialogue and the audio editing were superb.
    Thank you.

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