Tell us your best ride of 2011

Next Monday 12th December will be the last edition of the show for 2011. A time both for looking back at the year gone by and ahead to 2012. To that end, we really really want to know:

(i) What was your favourite bike ride of 2011?


(ii) What is the ride you’re most excited about in 2012?

The best ride of the year needn’t be glamourous or high-achieving, just pleasurable and memorable. It could have be completing a long distance audax, an interesting urban excursion, a gentle roll in the countryside or a thrilling night ride. The Etape du Tour or a trip down to the shops.

Likewise, your most exciting ride for 2012 needn’t be signed and sealed. It could be just at the planning stage and in need of further development.

Email your responses to by lunchtime on Monday 12 December including a name and whereabouts you live (or put them in the comments below) and they’ll be included in the broadcast later that day.


17 thoughts on “Tell us your best ride of 2011

  1. Hardy Swinson Cochran, Georgia, USA

    The Natchez Trace it runs from Nashville Tennessee to Natchez Mississippi 444 miles miles without a stop sign or red light.
    No commercial vehiles allowed and it has water and rest room facilities every 20 miles. One of the top rides in South East USA.

  2. In equal measure; a good and difficult question! My stock answer would normally be the three peaks cyclo-cross, usually unbeatable by any measure. However for the sheer simplicity and beauty of it, I’d plump for the 3 hour single-speed odyssey around the coastline and hills of the Vale of Glamorgan back in September. It’s a solo ride I do a few times a year, but on this occasion, the skies were clear, the waves were crashing on the heritage coastline (the cliffs near Southerndown) and the only distraction was the regular ticking of my freewheel.

    I’m hoping to be cycle touring the Western Isles around Mid-April, which is really setting the pulse racing. Wild camping, big skies, distilleries. Bliss.

    • Rhine valley is great, and dead easy using the train. We’ve cycled the Rhine from source in the Alps in Switzerland to Hook of Holland, going over for 5 long weekends normally taking the train. For best info on taking the train look at ‘ the man in seat 61’. Enjoy

  3. best ride this year was probably my first ever BMX race (at age 43). I was competing with my daughter; we both made it to our respective B-finals.
    For 2012 there is quite a lot planned, including getting back into MTB racing. But Im really looking forward to introducing an old Uni. friend to the Pyrenean cols when he prepares for the Etape du Tour, which is in my back-yard again this year (I live in Bagneres de Bigorre)

  4. Best ride this year probably the Dun Run (my first!) or else the 4 days cycling around the Peak District in some glorious early spring sunshine.

    Next year I’m most excited about the 1,100km tour from Bordeaux, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain….I’ve just booked my flights!

  5. The ride of 2011 was Land’s End to John O’Groats. It’s a great way to see the beautiful countryside of Britain. For 2012 there is the possiblility of La Route des Grandes Alpes. So much to ride, so little time.

  6. My husband and I have embarked on a 4 year project to cycle around the coast of Great Britain in stages, using holidays and weekends. One part of that stands out this year. It was a poor summer, and 14 days cycling around the coast of Scotland from Oban on the West Coast to Inverness on the East Coast didn’t seem the brightest of ideas, but it was. Only 5 hours rain in 14 days. 1 day stands out as the best ride of the year; from sea level up and up and up, what locals described as the nearest thing Scotland has to an Alpine Pass; the Bealach na Ba pass to Applecross village at over 2,000 feet. It was a boiling hot day, completely clear and from the top incredible views out over the Isle of Skye and into the distance to mountain peaks over 40 miles away and little islands dotted in a perfectly blue sea. The best place in the world to be on a day like that!! Probably once a year there’s a day like that, and we managed to pick it!! (One small confession, being the world’s least tough long distance cyclist, I did push my bike quite a bit).

    Best ride next year; more of the Scottish coast, or along the Baltic coast of Lithuania via the Russian enclave of Kallingrad to Poland?

  7. Our best ride ( was a Beach Barbie on the Thames by the Oxo builing

    Beach Barbie
    After the junior ride last month ” beach barbie reccie”. The main event has arrived, once again with a four am start.
    With about 15 of us, we meet at Shoreditch Grind at 4 am. On this morning Steve has bought cold Ricard to start the day, very French. Flasks and shot glasses put away, we head to the river. At this time of year it’s quite light, as we make our way to Westminster Bridge.
    London early morning is very quite, and perfect for cycling. As we head East the Sun starts to rise in our eyes. Many of the group commented on how beautiful London and the Thames is on this sunny morning. At just after 5 we reach Billingsgate and already it’s packed. I don’t think there is another place in London with this concentration of nationalities, it’s one of the things you love about London, the cosmopolitan atmosphere.
    Leaving the fish market with our catch, we cycle back to our beach by the OXO tower. Where we are meet by Sue and Jenny. The girls had in the car all the cooking paraphernalia and barbie stuff for the beach. What a golden sand of a beach it is. At 7am we are getting the fire going, (I’ll put the menu at the bottom) and cooking with drinking started. By the time the first course was finished thirty people had gathered. A great time was had by all, with the Thames holding back that little bit extra to allow us to finish and clear away.
    The group cycled off to Broadway Market for Vietnamese milky coffee and Guinness. A fabulous end to a fabulous day, and not even tea time when we headed home. Although a couple of us shouldn’t have cycled home.

  8. Best ride this year was staying in Bagneres de Bigorre and climbing the Col du Tourmalet and Col D’Aspin in one day.
    It was a real wet misty day ,about 5 k from the top a man appeared from knowhere and gave me and friend cakes and bananas out of the back of his van,will never forget his kindness,life saver.
    For 2012 going to try ride from Chester to Aberdovey in mid Wales ,stay over with loads of beers then train back.

  9. I had lots of nice rides in 2011, but I the one I remember best is actually the Tour du Danger. Not for any campaigning reason but because it was such a pleasant ride in what is normally a very stressful route.

    If I can cycle Avenue Verte to Paris in 2012 on my Moulton I’ll be delighted.

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  11. My best ride of 2011 was my first 20 miles post radical prostactomy. Still can’t get much further on my Brooks saddles but I am looking at alternatives

  12. The Dunwich Dynamo, my first also. What it seemed like a rainy day out, turned out to be completely clear skies and chilly temperatures. The swim in the beach at 8 am was my highlight of the day. Also I very much enjoyed our first “proper” audax organised by El Supremo, in glorious weather back in October. Looking forward to our “El Camino de Santiago” from Bordeaux (most of it off-road!) in May. Also top on my to-do list the night ride “Rolling to the Stones” in June.

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