Montreal-New York City by bicycle (part two)

The cycle camping tour continues into the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, through Vermont and into Massachusetts. Struggles with thunderstorms and flying insects and a visit to the Crane paper mill where US dollar bills are made. Picture above shows the view back down the road from the summit of Whiteface Mountain.

Play on links below. There is an online map of the route here.

9 thoughts on “Montreal-New York City by bicycle (part two)

  1. Sad way to end indeed, but glad it wasn’t a worse crash. I always think it helps to get a few falls now and then just to keep you on your toes !
    Another superb show – you paint a vivid picture 🙂


  2. Thanks for another great show. That ride sounds great!
    Sorry to hear about the accident. Sounds like you’ve recovered, and like a true cyclist, you were back on the bike right away!

  3. Have just discovered your show, excellent. A very nasty accident hope you’re better? Reminds me some 40 years ago when I crashed badly and broke my front teeth etc at the end of a tour, finishing by train! For interest would like to know more about your own touring gear?

  4. @Graham:

    Yes thanks, feeling much better, but for my fingers which are still a bit sore in certain places.

    As for my touring gear, I was riding on a Moulton AM7 with the large Moulton rear bag and a pair of Ortlieb frontroller light panniers.
    My tent is a Terra Nova Superlight Solar 2.2. I carried a MSR Pocket Rocket stove and some Snow Peak titanium pots. Thermarest and a light down sleeping bag. Then it was just the usual stuff: some clothes, books, maps, spare parts, tools. Plus the recording gear and a camera.

  5. Hi Jack,
    Love the show, but so sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you’re OK now, but how’s the Moulton?!


  6. I think the reflective cycle-touring episodes you’ve done over the last few seasons are amongst the best stuff the Bike Show has done.

    For me, those odd, undefined encounters are what getting on a bike and going somewhere is always about.

    As I’m currently in a cycling antipathetic state it’s great to be reminded of the joys riding a bike brings. Brilliant stuff!

  7. Hi Jack,

    Just been catching up on the bike show
    and listening to your bike tour, while
    following it on Google Maps.
    Sorry to hear about you crash, glad your OK, keep on riding!

  8. Too bad you didn’t go to Burlington, VT. There is a bike shop there called “The Old Spokes Home,” specializing in used as well as new bikes. Best of all is the bike museum with its large collection of ancient bikes: penny farthings, bone shakers, worm drives, you-name-it.

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