22 September 2008: Grant Petersen on overnight trips and a visit to London’s ‘anti-bike shop’

Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works urges us to get on our bikes for sub-twenty four hour overnight camping trips. Plus a visit to a fantastic new ‘anti-bike shop’ in Finsbury Park, specialising in classic English and Italian steel road bikes. The shop doesn’t have a name yet, but you can drop in at 74 Mountgrove Road, Finsbury Park, London N5 2LT – MAP. Some photos below, more here:

Play on links below. Other file formats (Ogg Vorbis and 64k MP3) over here.

  • http://messengerofdoom.wordpress.com messenger of doom

    I love the photography of that anti bike shop. Polaroid I gather.

  • Jack

    @doom: I think something more ancient than polaroids. more on rob’s flickr:

  • Dave

    Another great episode Jack, I am really liking the bicycle touring theme. The interview with Grant was stellar as usual, he’s such an interesting fellow. I am in the same boat… busy with life and cannot afford the time to cycle tour for as long as I would like, so I love this idea of a “mini tour” I have never thought of this before and will be trying it from now on. Hopefully I will be able to get some friends to join along in the future ! :)
    Keep up the great podcasts Jack.

  • Benz Ouyang

    I believe it’s Peters_E_n.

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